Maximise your herd's productivity

As the daylight hours increase and all the signs indicate that Winter is on the run and Spring has arrived, it’s at this time that I asked, “Are my cows doing as well as they can be?”

19 Sep 2020
Why feed a supplement when pasture is plentiful?

One of the questions Tasmanian farmers often ask Michael Humble, Castlegate James’ Tasmanian representative is “why should I feed a supplement when I have lots of pasture available?” His answer is simple…

28 Aug 2020
Transitioning calves for optimum growth with micronised feeds.

Many of us enjoy a bowl of muesli at the start for the day to deliver sustained energy through a nutritious breakfast. Those farmers in the know are providing their calves the same opportunity with a roasted calf muesli.

18 Aug 2020
Start your cows right for best results

Australian dairy farmers have always known that happy healthy and well-fed heifers will stay in the herd for longer and be more productive.

18 Aug 2020
Managing just in time

Steven Chaur spoke to Retail World about the importance of supply chain and logistics

18 Aug 2020
Possible drought in NZ? Do your figures first.

With dry conditions hitting a large part of the country we often hear advice from ‘Dairy Specialists’ that we need to be drying off cows and culling stock...

16 Jun 2020
The secrets when the grass is coming

During spring, high growth rates of pasture quickly becomes the cheapest form of feed available and the largest component of the dairy ration

16 Jun 2020
Early weaned sheep pile on the weight

The region of Dalgety has been suffering under the impact of prolonged drought causing local farmers to have to wean their lambs early.

05 May 2020
Early weaning feed option for calves from just one week old

Early weaning from as young as one week old was conventionally a practice used by dairy farmers but now beef producers are finding success with the help of a muesli substitute for milk.

14 Apr 2020

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty and economic disruption in all communities with mandatory lockdown protocols underway across Australia and New Zealand.

29 Mar 2020
Congratulations RM Gillet & Co.

Castlegate James would like to congratulate one of our loyal customers; RM Gillet & Co.

10 Mar 2020