Transitioning calves for optimum growth with micronised feeds.

Many of us enjoy a bowl of muesli at the start for the day to deliver sustained energy through a nutritious breakfast. Those farmers in the know are providing their calves the same opportunity with a roasted calf muesli.

Prepared with the aim of optimising growth and the importance of forming the gut environment, the high-quality protein mix complements milk feeding through to post weaning for dairy and beef calves advancing the development of their immune system and minimising mortality issues in this crucial time.

Mi-Feed Roasted Calf Muesli ingredients include quality grain and pulses that are clearly visible. The grains, including maize and barley ensure the supply of both fast and slower digesting starch for required rumen development whilst delivering high rates of weigh gain.

Importantly, calves need something that tastes good to encourage fast uptake and transition from being milk fed. This includes high quality digestible proteins including soybean meal and Lupins that encourage frame growth. The palatability of the calf muesli is further improved by the roasting of the ingredients via the process of Micronisation.

Micronisation, involves initially steaming the grains and pulses in order to add moisture and soften, followed by intense heating with infrared heat lamps. The ingredients are then rolled into their final form and cooled before being mixed with other ingredients into the Muesli. This process provides a nicer mouth feel and makes it easier for the calves to chew.

Transitioning calve inset1

So how is Micronisation assisting the transition to solid feed and driving productivity?

  • The impact on starch via gelatinisation increasing the calves starch digestion whilst simultaneously slowing down its release reducing the risks of acidosis.
  • Enhanced protein digestion allowing for increased digestion in the intestines and hence improved efficiency.
  • Reducing the number of bacteria, yeast and fungi in the grains
  • Significant improving the feeds aroma and palatability.

Calves also love the sweetness of the Mi-Feed Roasted Calf Muesli due to the addition of molasses, further enhancing the feeds aroma and leading to high voluntary intake. This great palatability ensures a safe and sustained delivery of energy and proteins required for high feed efficiencies and measurable growth.

Farmers will enjoy the confidence that is provided through a balanced addition of macro and trace minerals and vitamins along with Bovatec to improve feed efficiency, and control coccidia in calves.

All in all, Mi-Feed Roasted Calf Muesli is a great way to start your calves day.

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  • Published: 26/08/20
  • Author: Castlegate James
  • © Castlegate James