High performance stockfeeds for optimum production

As New Zealand’s largest co-product stock feed manufacturer,
we are committed to working hard to deliver today’s farmers
with the best nutritious feed products in the market.
Whatever your feeding requirements, our qualified and
experienced feeding advisors will work with you to develop
a Feeding Program specific to your livestock's needs.

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Sweet Calf/Kid

Trialled and tested with outstanding results alongside one of NZ’s most trusted brands in a controlled environment.

Available in loose or pellet form, Sweet Calf/Kid provided better uptake and palatability, greater growth rates, all coming at a cheaper price. The results will speak for themselves.


Corn Dried Distillers Grain

An excellent source of digestible protein and energy for cattle and goats. Rich in cereal and residual yeast protein, minerals and vitamins.


Fresh Veg - Sweet Corn

Good supply of readily digested structural carbohydrate with moderate levels of
protein. Available throughout harvest, can be delivered in large volume to ensile


Canola Meal

High quality and digestible protein source with excellent levels of by-pass protein.

Available in bulk or bulk bag.

Canola meal is one of the most widely used protein sources in animal feed for livestock.

It has an excellent amino acid profile, including high levels of lysine and arginine, and it is rich in vitamins and essential minerals.


Cookie Crumble

Very high energy palatable feed. High in starch & sugars, which comes in the form of rapidly ferment-able energy.

Suitable for use as a cereal substitute.

Cost effective alternative energy source.


Crushed Tapioca

High energy starch product.

Delivered in bulk on its own or as part of a blended meal.


Hi Pro Energy

Our specially formulated Castlegate James Hipro Energy is PKE & GMO Free.

Very palatable energy dense and protein rich stock feed. High levels of digestible starch and sugars with the ability to ab-lib feed.

A results driven blend specially designed to improve milk production and weight gain perfectly suited for Silo’s or Bunker applications.


Liquid Feeds

At Castlegate James we have a variety of liquid feeds that contain additional minerals, proteins, yeasts, essential nutrients and energy that can be easily adapted into your total TMR rations.

For more information on product availability please contact your key account manager. 


Multi (AMP) Pellet

This all round pellet combines strengths in all categories. Compared to grain this pellet has High Energy/Starch, with good levels of Protein. These attributes are delivered from the inclusion of Maize and Avon in the pellet. The pellet also gives the added benefit of increasing efficiency through digestibility, which incurs less wastage of feed by the animal.


Palm Kernel Meal

Palm Kernel Meal is a source of protein and energy with a high fibre level, mostly used in ruminant diets. It is a brown, dry gritty meal that can contain palm oil and not really suitable on its own but often used in blends to encourage intake.


PKE Infusion

One of the cheapest ways to incorporate energy and starch with PKE to get the season off to the right start. Troughs and/or feed pads.

A results driven blend designed to improve milk production and weight gain to give you that great start to the season in a low payout season.

Can be protein adjusted seasonally.


Soybean Meal

Extremely palatable, high protein feed with an excellent level of by-pass protein assisting hind gut fermentation.

Available bulk or in bulk bags delivered directly to farm.


Fresh Veg - Beetroot

Succulent feed rich in protein with good energy levels. Available for bulk
deliveries to your bunker.


Fresh Veg - Carrots

Fermentable energy in the form of starch and soluble sugars. Extremely palatable
either whole or diced. Available for bulk deliveries to your bunker.


Fresh Veg - Potato

Excellent source of readily fermentable energy in the form of starch. Extremely palatable
and readily accepted in diets. Available for bulk deliveries to your bunker.


Fresh Veg - Beans and Peas

High in protein and energy, seasonal product fits easily into the majority of summer
feeding systems. Supplied in bulk direct to farm.


Brewers Grain

Brewers Grain is a moist brewing industry co-product stockfeed obtained from the residues of malted cereals and other starchy products.

High in protein and very palatable.


Carrot Pomace

Castlegate James Carrot Pomace is an excellent high energy feed and is a co-product of the juicing industry. Carrot Pomace is high in fermentable sugars and can assist with reproductive performance.


PKE Energiser Meal

Castlegate James PKE Booster Energiser Meal is an excellent high energy product with a good source of natural proteins. The added benefit is that it’s safe to feed via paddock trailers or as part of a TMR ration via a Mixer wagon. This is because of its high sugars, fats and low starch and balanced NDF.