The Covid-19 pandemic continues to create uncertainty and economic disruption in all communities with mandatory lockdown protocols underway across Australia and New Zealand.

  • Australia has implemented a total shut-down of all non-essential services as at 24th March 2020 with the Federal Government expecting such measures to be in place for up to six months.
  • New Zealand moved to a level 4 lockdown from midnight 25th March 2020 for at least the next four weeks.

Castlegate James declared an essential business.

We have confirmed that Castlegate James (CJA) meets the definitions of an essential business under guidelines issued by the New Zealand and Australian Governments. We meet this definition due to our company’s integrated and dual role in both the livestock and food manufacturing supply chains.

Continuity of service and supply in Australia and NZ.

Castlegate James continues to service all our valued suppliers and customers on a business as usual basis with food co-products management and premium livestock feeds production.

To ensure continuity CJA has implemented the following initiatives:

  • Mindful of enhanced on-farm health, adhering to social distancing protocols and with staff wellbeing our priority, all CJA administrative and field sales personnel across A&NZ are now working from home until further notice.
  • All CJA staff are suitably equipped and are contactable by email or phone.
  • CJA feed manufacturing sites in A&NZ continue to work as normal, with operational contingency plans in place. In addition, enhanced health, site entry and segregation measures have been implemented to keep all workers on site safe.
  • Contingency plans are in place with our freight providers to ensure safe and continuous collection of co-products and on-farm feed deliveries again with enhanced health and segregation measures to keep all workers safe.
  • Our transport and freight forwarding suppliers also fall under the essential business definition. There is no expectation of disruption to your service. However, lead times may vary due to freight demand.

The Covid-19 situation continues to rapidly evolve. We will keep you informed of any changes. We request if there are changes to your operations please contact your CJA representative immediately so we may assist.

We thank you for your valued business and your understanding.

Steven Chaur

Group Chief Executive Officer


  • Published: 19/08/20
  • Author: Castlegate James
  • © Castlegate James