Start your cows right for best results

Australian dairy farmers have always known that happy healthy and well-fed heifers will stay in the herd for longer and be more productive.

This begins with establishing them right on a healthy leadfeed.

Many farmers across Australia looking for highly palatable and durable dairy pellets with minimal dust have experienced positive results with the Proteena pellet range from Castlegate James.

During the transition period farmers are looking to present the cow in optimum body condition to calve and enter the dairy by providing her with enough energy and protein, ensuring her rumen is functioning efficiently to drive milk production, good health and reproductive performance.

The Proteena range is specifically formulated and manufactured to meet these nutritional needs across the year from dry, through transition to peak milk and mid to late lactation. Incorporating the critical nutrients required by the cow such as: buffers, macro and trace minerals, vitamins and Monensin in a balanced and highly palatable package.

The incorporation of a balanced mix of starches, sugars, fats and proteins into the pellets, the treatment through the pelleting process with pressurised steam and extrusion, enhances the palatability of the pellets with better aromas and taste.

calf muesli inset 1

This increases the cow’s intake, whilst simultaneously increasing digestibility and lowering the risks of acidosis.

In addition to the above benefits cows will enjoy the improved taste of a DCAD lowering and palatable anionic salt blend, to improving intake, preparing the rumen and digestive system for post calving performance. It does this by providing the right mix of sugars, starches and proteins, whilst concurrently lowering the risks of milk fever and ketosis.

Farmers looking for consistency of feed post calving can maintain this by feeding milkers Proteena pellets providing high energy (12-13 MJ ME/Kg DM) with varying protein levels to best match the other feeds in the diet.

  • Proteena Advanced Protein for high producing cows or low pasture intakes (18% CP)
  • Proteena Pasture Boost for lower producing or higher pasture intakes (15% CP)
  • Proteena All-Rounder for late lactation, dry or very high pasture intakes (12% CP)

Call 1300 786 253 today to discuss the benefits the Proteena pellet range from Castlegate James can bring to your dairy business.

Original publication - Dairy News Calf Rearing Feature: June 2020


  • Published: 26/08/20
  • Author: Castlegate James
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