Early weaned sheep pile on the weight

The region of Dalgety has been suffering under the impact of prolonged drought causing local farmers to have to wean their lambs early. Reports were that the sheep were light, (around 22kg) and farmers were acutely aware they had to get the weight on them to survive.

Many farmers experienced success with a new product from Castlegate James called Proteena Golden Feed (PGF) on their newly weaned lambs. News spread across the community with prominent famers reporting significant weight gains – with early weaned sheep weighing in at 40Kg

Reports are “They eat it all” ….

Farmers trialing Castlegate James Proteena Golden Feed reportedly mixed it with straw and grain and instantly experienced benefits. With the Proteena Golden Feed and mix of straw and grain the sheep stopped picking through the rations. The addition of Proteena Golden Feed held the ration together and the sheep reportedly ate all of it and not just the grain.

Feedback for Castlegate James territory managers was that the sheep look good and healthy. This is likely to be due to the addition of the combined use of prebiotics and probiotics from Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast together with high quality co-products to potentiate the rumen microbiota.

They must love the taste …

Local Dalgety farmers provided Castlegate James reports that PGF is highly palatable and “that they are eating it straight off the teeth of the telehandler as they can’t wait for it to be put into the feeders”, and recommended Proteena Golden Feed to other local sheep feedlots as due to its palatability, it is a great product to introduce sheep to the feedlot.

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  • Published: 19/08/20
  • Author: Castlegate James
  • © Castlegate James